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COMPANY GROWTH Our radical & ‘out of the box’ ideologies has helped us grow manifold. CONTACT US WE ARE A HOSPITALITY BRAND having spread our reach into the space of Fine Dining, Quick Service Restaurants, Cloud Restaurants, Stay, Events and more. CONTACT US


Driven by passion, pulled towards the mission. Our vision is fueled by our passion. Passion to go beyond a typical business and offering more than expected is our mission.

Our Mission

To be present in 5+ cities in India and Middle-east by 2021

To offer complete & exceptional solutions while having quality control & each stage.

To offer a single point of contact for any service, query or complaint

Our Values

To be present where it matters to you

To offer quality service

To maintain a 100% customer satisfaction level



Feasibility Study

Detailed/Techno Economic Feasibility Report (TEFR) to assess the Economic viability of a project…

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Concept Development

A detailed & descriptive projection of the facilities and services that are provided for the consumers

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Operator Search

Identification & negotiation of potential operators – Domestically and Internationally

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Technical Assistance

We ensure to comply with the aspired brand standards along with being more operationally efficient by the proposed venture

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Pre-opening Services

With an industry experience like us, We devise successful pre-opening strategies in a timely & efficient manner

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Marketing & Sales

So much that we offer to make your business successful, Marketing Strategy, Marketing & Sales Action Plan, Marketing Launch Program Planning & Digital Marketing

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Ongoing Management

From operations to finance to personnel everything under on roof called Operational management which helps you achieve top-line revenue and bottom-line profit

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Asset Management

With an objective of aligning the interests & increase profitability we will be the intermediary between a Hotel owner & operator.

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Third-party Operations

Managing and directing day-to-day operations as a franchise or independent property on the behalf of the hotel owner.

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Our world is at an inflection point, with technology transforming
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